Company News released to General Availability – Move your Source Control to the Cloud

May 30, 2014

Visual Studio Online is the fastest and easiest way yet to plan, build, and ship software across a variety of platforms. With Visual Studio Online, you can set up an environment for you or your team that includes everything from hosted Git repositories and project tracking tools, to continuous integration and an IDE, all packaged Read More

Visual Studio 2012 or 2010 for SharePoint 2010 Development?

May 10, 2013

A recurring question that has come up is regarding which version & flavour of Visual Studio can and should be used for SharePoint- we are at a point where SP 2013 is coming on strong but many, many clients are going to be locked into SP 2010 for a while yet. Obviously an investment in Read More

CKS Dev for Visual Studio 2012 is here

April 17, 2013

The Community Kit for SharePoint: Development Tools Edition extends the Visual Studio 2012 SharePoint project system with advanced templates and tools. Using these extensions you will be able to find relevant information from your SharePoint environments without leaving Visual Studio. You will have greater productivity while developing SharePoint components and you will have greater deployment Read More

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework new update is out

October 31, 2012

New (Oct.25 2012) release of the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is out. Lots of new Windows Phone 8 samples, an Enterprise Sales Dashboard for Windows 8, SharePoint 2013 Custom Geolocation field type with Client side rendering, a Microsoft Surface Sample screen saver, and more.. Introduction Developers love code samples. Samples often serve as the starting Read More

Windows Internet Explorer Testing Center – IE10 FTW

October 1, 2012

For developers and consumers alike, successful W3C and Ecma International web standards are important for making the web better. A comprehensive test suite is an important part of a healthy standard, along with a clear specification and great implementations of the standard. Without thorough tests that assess the normative statements in a specification, a proposed Read More

View Source Chart for IE

September 27, 2012

Thought i’d share that there’s an IE port of a valuable plugin i’ve used in Firefox for a while, View Source Chart: Steps to get beautiful, visually sensible HTML source viewing in IE9: 1. Copy the script below and paste it into a new browser bookmark. 2. Click the bookmark from any page to view its Read More

Telerik acquires Fiddler

September 12, 2012

Great news, the greatest little open source web debugger, Fiddler, has now been aquired by the great vendor of .NET controls, Telerik. Expect some nice upgrades to Fiddler soon, and yes, it will remain free. Full story: “We have some very exciting news to share with the Telerik community. Telerik has just acquired Fiddler! Read More

AutoSPInstaller – Auto-create local profiles for SharePoint Service Accounts

August 13, 2012

SharePoint is a big product and there’s a lot of people in the world working on it.. so it’s funny to be working on a specific issue, then coming full circle and either Bing’ing upon your own old blog post, or, as today, seeing that someone has adopted what the guy sitting next to you Read More

Visual Studio 2010 – The project type is not supported by this installation.

July 27, 2012

I came back to a VS 2010 C# SharePoint project after a while and found it wouldn’t open the project. The error: The project type is not supported by this installation. This error generally means that the project type you are trying to open is not supported in that Visual Studio Installation. Reasons this situation Read More

GovDev for TFS 2010 – Agile Development for Government

June 19, 2012

Project Description Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft’s application lifecycle management solution. In addition to core features like source control, build automation and work-item tracking, TFS enables teams to align projects with industry processes such as Agile, Scrum and CMMi via the use of customable XML Read More

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