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Symptoms of Pathological Science & Technical Problem Solving

August 22, 2013

Irving Langmuir had an interesting career in science. He made countless discoveries an inventions including the diffusion pump, atomic hydrogen welding, submarine detection devices and the gas-filled incandescent light bulb, and even coined the word “plasma”. What is really interesting for me, however, is that in 1953 he coined the term “pathological science“, describing research conducted with Read More

SharePoint Maintenance Recommendations Document – On Sale Now

May 4, 2013

Routine system maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. Routine system checks must be performed consistently, and the results need to be archived over a period of time to obtain the greatest benefit (trend analysis). The routine checks come in the form of: Daily Maintenance Tasks Weekly Maintenance Tasks Read More

Claims Based Authentication in SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online

November 19, 2012

What is SharePoint Claims Authentication? The claims-based identity is an identity model in Microsoft SharePoint that includes features such as authentication across users of Windows-based systems and systems that are not Windows-based, multiple authentication types, stronger real-time authentication, a wider set of principal types, and delegation of user identity between applications. Claims-based identity is based Read More

Co-Authoring in SP 2010

November 2, 2012

A useful collection of info regarding co-authoring in SP 2010: “In today’s highly connected work environment, documents created by multiple authors, editors, and stakeholders are becoming the rule, instead of the exception. Organizations look to the communication and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 to help them foster communication and collaboration between end-users while Read More

Nintex Upgrade / Install Failure – SecurityException

August 1, 2012

If you are upgrading or installing Nintex (and, as you will learn, pretty much any other .NET app/solution/web part/widget etc.) you may run into a fail whale in the form of the the error described on this post on the Nintex Forums “Trying to upgrade my PRODUCTION server to the latest build of Nintex WF Read More

Large collection of Free Microsoft eBooks for you, including: SharePoint, Visual Studio, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Office 365, Office 2010, SQL Server 2012, Azure, and more.

July 29, 2012

Eric Ligman has assembled a nice little collection of free Microsoft ebook downloads: Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Programming Windows 8 Apps Programming Windows Phone 7 Programming Windows Phone 7 (Special Excerpt 2) Office 365 – Connect and Collaborate virtually anywhere, anytime Microsoft Office 2010 First Look Security and Privacy for Microsoft Office 2010 Read More

The Top 10 Problems With SharePoint Performance Top 10 Lists

June 26, 2012

I’ve come across lot’s of helpful lists around the net and forums on the topic of performance tuning SharePoint however as time and performance projects march forward it’s clear that this subject, more than most in the already dense realm of SharePoint, deserves a more realistic outlook. The standard lists of performance tuning tips look Read More

Certificate Revocation Lists – Slow Spin up times

June 20, 2012

What Most Microsoft assemblies and DLLs are digitally signed. Each time signed assemblies are loaded, default system behaviour is to check with the owner of the root certificate that the cert with which the assembly was signed is still valid. In the case of Microsoft assemblies, this means “phoning home” to read the Certificate Revocation Read More

Network Name Cannot be Found – Intermittent issues with WebClient

June 20, 2012

When attempting to use WebDav to copy a file from one location to another programmatically, I ran into intermittent failures with the following error: http://site_name is not accessible. Either this location does not exist or you might not have permission to use this network resource. A similar client-side error (manipulating files with WebDav in Windows Read More

SharePoint 2010 101 Code Samples

April 3, 2012

The SharePoint 2010 101 Code Samples set of examples is an excellent starting point for Developing with SharePoint. Each code sample is part of the SharePoint 2010 101 code samples project. These samples are provided so that you can incorporate them directly in your code. Each code sample consists of a standalone project created in Read More

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