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App_Offline – Patch, maintain & troubleshoot your SharePoint portal with class

December 9, 2014

This is pretty slick- we can add a file called App_offline.htm into the root folder of a specific SharePoint web app, and it will have the effect of trumping all other pages and processes with that Web Application. It will simply render the contents of that HTML page. Good for planned outages e.g. patching, CU’s Read More

Office 365 Public Websites + Introducing Delve – Keith Tuomi, SharePoint MVP – vSharePoint / vOffice365 User Group Presentation

November 20, 2014

Here’s my presentation from today’s vSharePoint and vOffice365 user group in Victoria BC. Be sure to also check out our Office 365 hosted site at, which has all past Presentations available for download. NOVEMBER 2014 EDITION: We’re mixing things up this month! This month we’re bringing the members of vSharePoint and vOffice 365 together Read More

Office 365 Video goes live

November 18, 2014

From Over the years, SharePoint has been used not just for collaboration sites and document management, but also search, dashboards, company intranets, wikis, blogs and much more. We’ve categorized many of these under the same umbrella term, “Portals.” Now we have a tremendous opportunity to expand on the Portals portfolio and deliver new experiences Read More

Reddit Q&A with the SharePoint MVP Experts Chat On Oct 29th

October 27, 2014

From the MVP Community Program: We are launching our SharePoint MVP Expert Chats again!  Have questions about SharePoint 2010 or 2013?  Or SharePoint Online? Office 365?  Please join us October 29th at 1pm EST or 10am PDT where you can have your questions answered live!  We will be using the Reddit Ask Me Anything format.  Read More

SharePoint Code Analysis Framework 5 released

October 3, 2014

I’m not one to make a blatant product plug but I really like the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework tool and they’ve upped the ante on how effective it is for running QA on SharePoint code, including tests for SharePoint Apps. What is the SPCAF tool? A desktop program that evaluates SharePoint code, solutions, features, Apps etc. and Read More

Conditional Color Coding on SharePoint 2013 Task List using JSLink

September 25, 2014

For SharePoint 2013 branding experts, this may be old hat- there are plenty of great articles out there on working with the new JSLink method of working with the clientside presentation layer of SharePoint. In this case, and for my own documentation, I’m sharing a specific JSLink method to conditionally format a SP 2013 Task Read More

Visio Organizational Diagraming Webinar .. free

August 30, 2014

Ready to learn how Microsoft Visio can help you simplify your work? The new Visio makes it easier than ever to create and share professional, versatile diagrams that simplify complex information and help you achieve your strategic objectives. Attend our free webcast series live to be eligible to receive a fully functional perpetual copy of Read More

SharePoint 2010 vs SP2010 + FAST vs SP 2013 Search Capabilities Comparison

August 8, 2014

I put together this article to highlight the enterprise search capabilities that are provided in SharePoint Server 2010, FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint, and what’s new in SharePoint 2013. Info presented is tailored towards the search experience desired in typical environments, focusing on key elements and functionality. O = available † = improved in Read More

Workaround for Office 365 SharePoint Site Mailbox App mailbox name rewrite issue

August 8, 2014

Site Mailbox is an App available in SharePoint Online  that helps by providing a central place to file email and documents that can only be accessed and edited by those with the appropriate site permissions. When creating a Site Mailbox in SharePoint Online, a client and I ran into a funny anomaly. We know that there is a limitation Read More

Outlook Web App – Override layout mode for touch screens, tablets and smartphones

July 15, 2014

For  mail accounts hosted on an Exchange 2013 server or is on Office 365, Outlook Web App (OWA) can be set to 3 different layouts. OWA tries to recognize the device type and automatically selects the  appropriate layout. There are some situations in which you might want to overrule this selection. For instance, in the Read More

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